cPanel is among the preferred website hosting Control Panel instruments and it's used by millions of users all over the world. Its popularity is due to its ease of use and intuitive interface, that will enable you to access numerous features with only a few clicks. You can move, copy and upload files, set up new databases and add users with various levels of access, create e-mail addresses, activate spam security and SPF validation, view account usage statistics, and much more. cPanel is used by many reseller website hosting providers, due to the fact that it includes a reseller-level Control Panel called WebHost Manager (WHM). The latter is a powerful tool that will help you create web hosting packages and to select all their features. You can also set up and customize client web hosting accounts, access and edit numerous server-side settings and DNS zone records, install modules and applications, and much more. cPanel and WHM can be used with multiple billing applications.

cPanel with Unlimited Domains in VPS Web Hosting

cPanel is among the website hosting Control Panels that you can choose with all of the virtual private servers plans that we provide, as long as you select the CentOS Operating System for your server. You will be able to order it throughout the signup process or another time from your billing section and after completing several easy setup steps when you log in for the first time to the WebHost Manager, you can begin generating hosting packages and accounts for your domains. There's no restriction on the number of accounts which you may have, so you'll be able to select whether each of your domain names will be in an independent account or if a couple of domains will be hosted together. As you will have root-level access, you will be able to install any kind of software that your sites may require. With all cPanel-equipped virtual servers, we also provide a domain reseller account along with a billing and support solution for free, giving you the means start your own web hosting business with ease and with minimal effort.

cPanel with Unlimited Domains in Dedicated

cPanel is offered with all our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages that are acquired with the CentOS Operating System and you will be able to select it either during the signup process, or from your billing account - if you get a server without a Control Panel and you change your mind later. There will be a few options that you'll have to configure the first time you log in to the WebHost Manager and as soon as you are done with this task, you'll be able to create web hosting packages and start adding your domain names. The cPanel CP which we'll give you has a license for an unlimited number of accounts, so you'll be able to host as many domains as you would like, either in separate accounts or grouped together. You may also start your own web hosting company and resell the web hosting space in no time, as it's really easy to connect your WHM to the domain name reseller account and the ClientExec billing/support software, that we provide free of charge with all cPanel-based plans. Considering that you will also have full root access, you will be able to install any kind of software on your server that may be required by the scripts that you and your clients want to use.